" 'Lee Oswald was a hero': Former girlfriend of JFK's assassin insists her boyfriend was an innocent intelligence officer

  • Author Judyth Vary Baker writes in new tell-all book that former lover Oswald was framed
  • Also calls him a 'hero'
  • Baker met Oswald when she was 19, doing cancer research in New Orleans as a means to bring down Cuban President Fidel Castro
  • Dozens of conspiracy theories remain over Kennedy's assassination on Nov. 22, 1963
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There are a seemingly unlimited amount of conspiracy theories as to what happened on the cool November morning in Dallas nearly 50 years ago.

The former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who is widely accepted as President John F. Kennedy’s killer, is adding to the list.

In a new explosive memoir, Judyth Vary Baker argues that Oswald could not have murdered the 35th President of the United States in Dealy Plaza. 


Girlfriend: In her new book, Me and Lee, Judyth Vary Baker claims that Oswald was framed for the assassination of JFK

Vary Baker

Revealed: Besides knowing Lee Harvey Oswald intimately, Vary Baker said she was working on a secret government project to give Fidel Castro lung cancer



‘Lee Oswald was a hero,’ Ms Baker began, speaking at an Oregon bookstore earlier this week. ‘I’m here to tell you that when you find out who did it, you will understand more about who took over our country and why we are in the position we are in today,’ according to KVAL News.

The author, who lives abroad due to what she claims are safety concerns, is going on a limited tour this month and onto December to promote her book ‘Me & Lee: How I Came To Know, Love, And Lose Lee Harvey Oswald.’




She will also make several other appearances via Skype.

Ms Baker was a whiz-kid, carrying out complicated cancer research in New Orleans in the early 1960s at the age of 19. 

‘I was assigned to make cancer more deadly,’ she told KVAL. ‘Can you imagine?’ 

She said that she met Oswald in 1963 during this internship working under Dr Alton Ochsner, the former president of the American Cancer Society and they became involved.


Tragic end: Jacqueline Kennedy rests her head on husband John F. Kennedy's shoulder, after his arrival into New York to campaign, three years before his assassination in Dallas



'I was his lover,' she remembered, while not elaborating on their trysts. 'I loved him and he loved me and I believe that with all my heart.'

Oswald, she explained, was also part of the Ochsner project. 

According to her book, the cancer research helmed by Dr Ochsner was tied to efforts to bring down Cuba’s then-president Fidel Castro through biological means, injecting the guerrilla leader with a fast-spreading cancer and making it nearly impossible to trace back to the U.S.

Oswald also told Ms Baker of the Kennedy assassination plot from conversations they had up to two days before November 23, 1963.

In her 600-page book, Ms Baker argues that her then-boyfriend was a deeply undercover intelligence agent who was actually trying to prevent Kennedy from being killed. 

She said that Oswald was framed for the murder, which she said he could not have committed from his sniper post at the Texas Book Depository.


Mystery: Oswald's girlfriend claims he was ordered to kill Kennedy but that he refused to go through with it



Assassinated: Lee Harvey Oswald was himself killer by Jack Ruby during a television press conference at Dallas police headquarters

She told KVAL: ‘We have a lot of information that Kennedy was shot from the front,’ noting that the book depository was behind Kennedy’s motorcade.

Ms Baker said that there was a conspiracy against Oswald from the beginning. ‘They arrest him, they say he’s from Russia.’

Now approaching her golden years, Ms Baker said the last words she ever heard Oswald say to her were on phone call when he ended with: ‘I love you, Judyth.’ 

That was two days before Oswald himself was shot dead outside of Dallas’ police headquarters.

The assassination of President Kennedy has been the springboard of countless conspiracies, including ones that there were multiple gunmen, witnesses were intimidated, and that evidence had been both tampered with and fabricated.

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's death.


Young love: Baker said Oswald confided in her about a plot to kill Kennedy as 'pillow talk' and says the last words he ever said to her were 'I love you'


Sworn: President Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath of office aboard Air Force One after the assassination of JFK with Jacqueline Kennedy at his side



Junior: JFK Jr. created an iconic image as he saluted his father's passing coffin

Timeline of that fateful day: Events surrounding JFK's assassination and LBJ's ascension to the presidency

NOVEMBER 22, 1963

12.29 p.m. Central Standard Time: The presidential motorcade turns onto Dealey Plaza in Dallas. The open-top limousine has a driver and security guard in the front row, Texas governor John Connally and wife Nellie Connally in the middle row, and President John F Kennedy and wife Jacqueline in the back row.

12.30 p.m.: Witnesses testified that three shots were fired. The famous video recording of the event filmed by onlooker Abraham Zapruder shows that first Kennedy clutches his chest and seems to gasp before another shot hits his head. Governor Connally is also hit.

Mrs Kennedy immediately begins climbing towards the back of the vehicle, apparently in an effort to grab part of the President's skull, which flew back after he was shot. The Connallys reported that Mrs Kennedy said 'I've got his brains in my hand!'

12.33 p.m.: Shooter Lee Harvey Oswald exits the Texas School Book Depository, where he fired the shots from a sixth floor window.

12.38 p.m.: The presidential limo arrives at Parkland Hospital.

1 p.m.: President Kennedy is pronounced dead. A Catholic priest had been found and he performed his last rites. Doctors said that while they tried extremely hard to save his life, the wounds were too great by the time he arrived in the hospital. 'We never had any hope of saving his life,' said Dr. Malcolm Perry.

1.15 p.m.: Oswald shoots and kills police officer J.D. Tippit while he is on the run.

1.33 p.m.: White House press secretary Malcolm Kilduff entered the area of the hospital where the press had gathered and made a brief statement confirming the President's death, as caused by a gunshot wound to the brain.

1.50 p.m.: Oswald is arrested inside the Texas Theater movie house where he went in an effort to evade capture.

2.00 p.m.: President Kennedy's body was brought to Air Force One.

2.38 p.m.: Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in as the country's 36th president on board Air Force One, standing next to Mrs Kennedy who continued to wear the blood-stained pink skirt suit that she had on earlier.

3.01 p.m.: FBI director J. Edgar Hoover writes a memo saying that the President's killer had been captured.

6 p.m.: Eastern Standard Time: The plane arrives at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington. President Kennedy's casket and Mrs Kennedy leave first before President Johnson makes a brief statement on the tarmac. 'This is a sad time for all people....I will do my best; that is all I can do. I ask for your help and God's,' he said.

7.05 p.m Central Standard Time.: Oswald is charged with the murder of Officer Tippit.

11.26 p.m.: Oswald is charged with the murder of President Kennedy.

Two days later, November 24, 1963

11:21 a.m.: Television cameras catch nightclub owner Jack Ruby shoot Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police headquarters.




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hmmm, she wouldn't be trying to sell a book by any chance would she? She is probably right though, I think it is obvious to most right-thinking people that oswald couldn't have assasinated kennedy, at least not alone.

Click to rate     Rating   16

If you intend to shoot someone from a distance you don't choose to have your target moving AWAY from you.

Click to rate     Rating   25

Of course he was - JUST a pawn in the game who had to be disposed of. Politics is a DIRTY business.

Click to rate     Rating   56

Deathbed confessions are still admitted as evidence in most states. E. Howard Hunt admitted that he was peripherally involved in the assassination. He had foreknowledge of it and chose to allow it to proceed. That makes him guilty. He told us that LBJ ordered the hit!

Click to rate     Rating   52

New Orleans District Attorney Garrison had it right when he stated Lyndon Johnson stood the most to gain. For that the U.S. Gov't had Garrison lockd up in a mental instituion. Sounds like the Gov't had something to hide.

Click to rate     Rating   77

I was 13yrs old when JFK was killed I did not believe Oswald did it then and I still don't.Jack Ruby killed Oswald to shut him up.

Click to rate     Rating   103

Ask any trained military sniper or special forces soldier his opinion of where those shots were fired from or whether it was possible for one man to aim, fire and reload 3 rounds from that basic, antiquated bolt action rifle in the time required. As the fiance of one and friends of many others I did. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Oswald did not kill the president alone, whether he was involved or not (i think it unlikely he was). The facts clearly support a theory of more than one gunman and from more than one position. As for this lady and her book? I think it strange that she has come out with this now, so many years after the fact. I can only assume her book gives more facts and information than this article, to back up her claims. I wouldnt be surprised if he was a deeply undercover agent since none of his background story makes any sense! Im afraid just from this article though I fear she is just another person trying to cash in on a famous situation.

Click to rate     Rating   50

I find it un-logical that all the major assassinations, bombings even, were by lone madmen. Very convenient. Too convenient. It is more logical for such major events to be planned and carried-out by several people. Thus a conspiracy. I find this backed-up by history, ex: even Wilkes wasn't alone, he may have been when he shot Lincoln but he is proven to have been one of a group. Even a madman has moments of clarity, when he must doubt himself, think of quitting, but in a group the peer-pressure would keep him focussed. I have never thought LHO was alone, you have to be very sure of yourself in that situation, not only of the shot but getting away, he was, after all, totally surrounded by armed-security, takes nerves of steel and a knowledge he had it 'sorted' to do that. LHO never showed at any time in his life he was that professional. I'm sure he knew of a plan, but not there that day and he part of it. He rapidly realised he'd been set-up.

Click to rate     Rating   65

@Avanna Beach - my apologies - I misjudged your post and thought it was against the Single Bullet Theory and pro "magic bullet". Sorry for lumping you into the frontal shot conspiracy crowd!

Click to rate     Rating   7

Watch the Doc JFK 2 (2003) on Youtube. Trust me, watch it. It will open your eyes to many things from back then and even now;)

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